How to find the best windows installer in Philadelphia

Choosing the correct window installer for your replacement window project is as important as selecting the proper replacement window. Even the best window from the best window manufacturers in Pennsylvania will not work well unless it is installed correctly. The same applies to the window installer: a good project can make the window replacement project sound like sweet music. While it’s sometimes difficult to tell if you’re getting the right window installer for your project, a little research and preparation can keep you from choosing the worst.

The important thing about hiring a window installer

As a consumer, the first thing to always remember during a window replacement project is that you control the entire process. Every installer window you talk to when choosing a job is a “job interview.” You should always consider yourself a company looking to hire them for a position within your organization. That is not just a person to replace your windows, but a partner to work with you on your project.

How to find the best windows installer

When it comes to creating an alternative window for your project, there is no shortage of information available on the windows on the market. When it comes time to find a window installer, it’s not easy. Finding a window installers Philadelphia for your project requires more work on your part, not a one-step process. However, if you set aside time to research, you will increase your chances of hiring the right contractor with the following tips:

Installer rating

Once you have plenty of windows installer to choose from, it’s time to start looking for it and discover more about the company. Again, treat this step of the process as if you were interviewing someone to find a job at your company. You should contact the list of contractors with a set of questions that cover key points about the window replacement project.

Get a referral

Reference is useful because you already have another consumer who has had an experience and has lived to tell about it. Unfortunately, not everyone you meet replaces your windows, so it can be not very easy to find a friend to give you the lead. Keep in mind that just because they loved the windows installer doesn’t mean you have finished your job, it just means you have an advanced installer in your search.

Web search

In today’s world, the web is the place to go to meet a company before calling. The first component of your checklist is knowing if the Windows manufacturer company has a website. If they do, take the time to review their site. Is it a well-developed, professional site that gives you company information, or bare-bone information for a contractor? Remember that a flashy website does not guarantee the right Windows installer. Still, it does mean that the contractor takes your business seriously and has invested time and effort on your website.

Yellow Pages

Most contractors still trust the Yellow Pages for their names. Some will invest in a large ad, while others will include their name and number in the window replacement section. In the past, I would open the yellow pages and start contacting contractors to ask questions and schedule estimates. However, at this point, you are not concerned with how it appears in the yellow pages; you are looking for a list of names to start your search. Get a list of five or six companies you want to search for and start the next step.

Date at home

From the preliminary list of companies you called to get the above information, you must qualify two or three to get an appointment at home. Schedule a home appointment with the three companies you feel comfortable with after your phone conversation.


By researching and asking your questions, you will feel confident that you have made the right choice with the windows installer of your choice to work with you on your project.